Linen Rentals

Linen Rentals-Color Swatches

We are pleased to offer a wide variety of linen rental options for you to choose from; from basic polyester to patterns, textures and beyond. View our different table shapes and sizes here to help you get started.

Our services include helping you plan your linen design and layout, once a deposit has been paid, o.  Please don’t hesitate to contact one of our event managers for help, that’s what we’re here for!

Linen Rental Policy: 

At least a 10 (ten) day notice on all linen orders is required.  Cancellations, sizes, colors, additional needs within the 10 (ten) days prior to event date will accrue additional charges.

Kwik Covers ($5.95 to $8.00- based on size and color)

Our disposable Kwik Covers secure snug to tables, only cover tops but won’t blow off in the wind! Perfect for BBQ’s and picnics!

Colors:  Red, White, Blue, Hunter Green, Red & White Check, Blue & White Check

Sizes: 6′ Banquet Tables, 8′ Banquet Tables, 4′ Round Tables, 5′ Round tables

Basic Polyester Linens- Call for Quote

54”x54”Mainly used as overlays for dining tables. Can be used for 2’ or 3’ tables as cloths.
72”x72”Mainly used as overlays for dining tables. Can be used for 3’ or 4’ tables as cloths.
90”x90”Mainly used as overlays for 5’ dining tables. Can be used for 5’ round or square tables as cloths.
60”x120”Covers 6’ or 8’ banquet tables, not to floor.
90”x132”Covers 6’ banquet tables to the floor.
90”x156”Covers 8’ banquet tables to the floor.
90” RoundMainly used as overlays for dining tables. Can be used for 2’ tables as cloths to the floor.
96” RoundCovers 3’ round tables to the floor.
108” RoundCovers 4’ round tables to the floor.
120” RoundCovers 5’ round tables to the floor.
132” RoundCovers 6’ round tables to the floor.
6’ Bar Kit90”x132” and 60”x120”
8’ Bar Kit90”x156” and 60”x120”
Conference Chair Cover
4”x108” Chair SashUsed for chairs, cocktail table or draped entrance ties.
13”x120” Table RunnerUsed for runners or cocktail table ties.
30”x60” Serpentine Fitted
20”x20” Napkins
Wind Clips
10 gal. Fitted Cambro CoverCovers 10 gal. Beverage Dispenser
5 gal. Fitted Cambro CoverCovers 5 gal. Beverage Dispenser

Specialty Linens- Call for Quote

Specialty linen pricing varies depending on size and texture.

Visit our design center HERE to view our expansive inventory of specialty linen.